• Rick Williams

Welcome to my first photography blog post!

I’ve stressed over the selection of my first topic for quite some time, falling prey to the dreaded analysis paralysis. Numerous choices, from a lighthearted introduction to a highly technical piece to establish my credibility were all considered and debated wildly in my head. At the end of the day, it came down to examining my motivation for having a website that included a blog. What is that motivation? Well, it’s multifarious. Complex, yet still simple.

At the core, it’s obvious. Clearly, I feel that I have something to say. Something that a few people (hopefully) will want to read. In addition to feeling bold enough to put my thoughts out there for anyone to find and read, I also believe that I have something to give, and also something I want to develop (pun? maybe).

I’ve been actively involved in a serious pursuit of increasingly higher levels of photographic skills since 2016. In 2015, I ordered a Nikon D5300 to better (so I thought) photograph my daughter’s high school gymnastics meets. I knew nothing about cameras, and I conducted less research than I should have, resulting in a camera with severe limitations relative to its intended purpose. I had spent more money than I had ever spent on any camera in my life, and I expected stellar, professional grade results. Now, the photos I got were fairly good, but not great, and they were certainly indicative of my newbie status, as well as the photographic pitfalls of poorly lit high school gymnasiums.

So, I started researching how to better and properly make digital images with a DLSR, and that is when I got hooked. Incrementally implementing my newly acquired knowledge, I was able to develop skills and confidence. But what developed most was interest. I became acutely focused on learning more and more about digital photography and turning that learning into actual results. I joined a couple of online groups, and a local camera club, and have upgraded my equipment – twice. I made friends, really good friends, in the photography community. I became absorbed in the subject. And, the most tangible benefit of all this work has been improvement. A constant, steady stream of palpable skills improvement. So, this is where my give goal resides. I feel compelled to help others learn what I have learned and help them do so with little wasted time or effort. I have invested incalculable hours in research and learning, a claim to which my family and photography friends will certainly attest.

My develop goal lies in what is ahead. I have about 12 years (hopefully) of corporate life left. In those remaining years I have a lot on my plate. Getting my youngest through college, her wedding, maybe some grandchildren, putting the finishing touches on retirement savings, and planning for life after work. Twelve years doesn’t feel like enough time. But there must be something there for me when I inevitably leave corporate life. I hope part of that something is a casual photography business. I’d love to graduate to a position wherein I can actively teach others and continue to enjoy photography. I have a long way to go, but I feel confident, and full of hope, that if I apply myself as I have in my career, I can achieve this goal. Stepping out in front here with a public proclamation is also a method to hold myself accountable to my goals and dreams.

So, I hope those reading this will find practicality, value and some level of entertainment. I don’t know that I’ll rise to the level of popular YouTube celebrity photographers, as that is not my true desire. I don’t know where all this will take me, but I am taking the plunge, and committing to put in the effort, and I hope we can all benefit from it.

Here we go……………

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